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Give Premium Features to Your Business Using VoIP Phone Services

VoIP Phone Services – Must Know Facts

Businesses – small or big are making a move towards using VoIP phone services over the traditional phone systems. The voice over internet protocol business phone systems leverage powerful features that can benefit businesses to a large extent. There are many commonly known features such as call waiting, voicemail, call forwarding, toll free numbers, and remote operation. Apart from these, there are some other premium features your business can benefit from. Have a look at these awesome features that would boost your business operations.


Analog Door Phone

VoIP ensures safety at your office entrance as it allows a two-way call with visitors and unlocks the door with the phone only if they seem worthy.

Follow Me/Find Me Call Routing

There is an option for mobile users that you can create a list of numbers where you can be found like office/home such that you have your office phone ring twice but on the third ring your cell phone starts ringing and then on the fifth, your home phone.

Play Music on Hold

If the company has to place clients on hold, this feature is very important as there is nothing worse than the elevator’s noise or silence. Businesses can even promote their offers while the customers hold their line when it is being transferred to respective executives.

Voicemail to Email Transcriptions

This feature alerts you by allowing the transcription of your voice mail messages to your email address or as text to your phone.

Bandwidth Utilization

A managed VoIP solution provider allows you to view and track data usage over a period of time. You also get inbound and outbound call reports and estimate hours invested and costs of the calls made using VoIP.

Coaching Tools

On-the-call training is possible with the new and innovative VoIP features that allow training and monitoring employees on their phone performance. There are two options available: whisper and barge. Whisper allows you to provide tips and information needed to your employees when they are on call with the client without letting the client know while barge is a feature that allows you to listen to the conversation between the employee and client without interrupting.

Auto Attendant

Make your business look more professional and impressive by allowing them to choose an appropriate extension. It is like getting an electronic receptionist for your business!

And there are many… VoIP allows you to portray a highly professional business that customers like to deal with and businesses like to partner with. Net Activity, Inc. is teamed with trained professionals who have been in the business of setting up VoIP phone systems since 2002. You can call Harry Bhatia at 888-545-5346 to discuss further.

Article Source – http://www.netactivity.us/blog/give-premium-features-business-using-voip-phone-services/


Learn 5 Ways How VoIP Drives Collaboration

With Unified Communications, collaboration has become an open-ended thing. It represents a different set of needs, involving multiple parties, along with a diverse set of applications so that everyone can work together. While collaboration is comparatively a difficult concept for decision makers to figure out vendor offerings, VoIP is significantly easier to work with. The following information will help you to understand how VoIP plays an important role in driving the collaboration value proposition:  voip-phone-services-cleveland

VoIP is The Voice:
Although self-evident, business VoIP phone services represent a step further than just telephony. VoIP facilitates other forms of vocal communication too, making a wider group of employees comfortable.

VoIP is Real Time Communication:
Speed and efficiency is real time today. Especially for the short turnaround collaboration needs, you need to have real-time access. Here, there is no better tool of choice than VoIP.

VoIP is Nomadic:
VoIP is web based and characterizes flexibility as other collaboration applications. With VoIP, users can access both the company phone system and multiple modes of voice from any broadband connection. Thus, with its versatile nature, VoIP is an ideal tool for collaboration in today’s distributed workforces.

VoIP is Free (Near to free):
Nothing encourages adoption of technology more than making it free. While there are certain costs associated with using VoIP in the conventional manner (as part of your phone system), there are web-based VoIP applications that provide voice at little or no cost. This increases and eases the willingness of employees to collaborate outside of work.

VoIP is Easy Integration:
As telephony has moved into the data network, it can support more applications in the IP environment, making the collaboration experiences better. This definitely will increase adoption of VoIP technology.

Net Activity is a leading VoIP Phone Service Provider that installs and configures on premise based phone systems and IP based solutions. If you wish to try their result-oriented services, please contact Harry Bhatia at 2165035150 X 206 or visit: http://www.netactivity.us/contact.html

Source: http://www.netactivity.us/blog/learn-5-ways-how-voip-drives-collaboration/

Tips to Choose a VoIP Service Provider That Does IT Right

In the recent times, VoIP service providers have crowded the market and made it difficult for businesses to choose the one that would actually do what they commit to. You may have made the toughest of your decisions while moving to VoIP services from the traditional phone set up and you would definitely not expect your business to face down times due to a poor telephone network.


Promoting managed IT services that save money and provide greater functionality, is like marketing of any other service, which means that the providers must take into consideration the time-honored factors of price, promotion & distribution. With all the sophistication in their pitching styles, it is possible for you to get trapped in a non-rewarding deal. So, we have stated a few points that to help you select a reliable VoIP service provider in Ohio.

Ask to explain things & talk out of the acronyms – The telephone technology is full of acronyms. They may be comfortable using terms like VoIP and PBX but you, as they may overwhelm a customer /the SMB owner. In a confused state, you may not even understand what they are trying to explain and consequently you may miss important details of the technology you will be using thereafter.

Demand a complete solution – Do not forget that you are on the demanding side. Understand the details of how the VoIP services offered by the provider will influence their businesses. Look at what’s unique in his offerings. Also, study their previous works and customer feedback so that you get a brief about past experiences of businesses like you with the service provider.

Plan & implement wisely – Ask the provider to spend a weekend at your business set up (pre-installation planning) to understand how the present system works and where is the need to rebuild things. A good installation plan will make the configuration easy for you. It really makes a difference.

Safety must be the first commitment – A recent study revealed that about 40% of the VoIP users did not have specific plans to secure their VoIP deployments. The end-points of your VoIP systems are vulnerable to attacks right from their operating systems to internet protocols and management interfaces of VoIP phones. It sounds scary; it also means that there is a lucrative chance for those who sell VoIP security services. Check if your VoIP provider includes a security plan in his package to cut down on the cost of hiring another provider selling security services.

Training as a part of service – Plug n play does not imply installing software and leaving the rest. The automation also requires users to be trained to know how the new software will help them reduce efforts. It is a bad idea to leave users baffled on a completely new set up of devices. Ensure that your VoIP provider will train you on using the VoIP systems.

Well, if you are convinced that these tips will help you build a better VoIP network that never fails, you may consider another advice from us. Contact Net Activity, Inc. for any assistance related to VoIP services.Net Activity has been in the business since 2002. The business caters to the IT industry by providing Hosted, IP based and On Premise Phone Systems. You can visit http://www.netactivity.us/contact.html for fairly priced quotations of VoIP services or contact Harry Bhatia at 2165035150 X 206. We welcome your suggestions too.

Source: http://www.netactivity.us/blog/tips-to-choose-a-voip-service-provider-that-does-it-right/

7 Crazy Uses of VoIP You Never Thought About

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has set its roots in the business world and is growing rapidly. When introduced, VoIP’s benefits were well documented: financial savings for businesses, cheap and easy communication with businesses round the globe, quick file transfers, convenient expansion of networks, and many more. Despite these functionalities, VoIP allows users to do some crazy stuff too. We have listed a few of them, which you would have missed otherwise.unified2

Record podcasts: This is interesting. You can record interviews for podcasts with your VoIP software by combining free, open source audio software like Audacity with the VoIP software. Simply select ‘stereo mix’ as your recording device and allow it to record your contact’s voice. Then, connect your mic and select it as a second recording device. Finally, just merge the two audios together.

Stay in touch with gamers globally: VoIP allows gamers all around the globe to connect with each other while playing team based games such as World of Wildcraft. One of the most popular, effective and lightweight VoIP services – ‘Mumble’ is ideal for gaming buddies using different operating systems.

Speak on your handset using Skype number: VoIP benefits you by allowing you pick your handset and speak to your beloved ones with your Skype account. You can also check your call history on the television or receive your voice mails when the computer is offline and send texts from your TV.

Book VoIP reminders: Schedule or remember when your next task is due. This functionality is widely used to ensure that you don’t miss important video meetings.

Keep records of client conversations: The VoIP calls are recorded more easily than the traditional calls, so that you can revisit the clauses discussed over the phone to avoid discrepancies.

Listen to the radio: Skype, one of the most popular VoIP platforms has a great add-on that allows you to listen to the popular streaming radio service Last.FM via the service. The app fuses Last.FM and Skype together, making it convenient to share the song you are listening to as a message on Skype. It helps keep interactions light with remote colleagues.

Hold a gigantic video conference/webinar free: While some services (like Google Hangouts) allow a limited number of participants (say 10) to attend a video call, some better alternatives are offering to fill in the gap. Now, it is possible for nearly 200 people to attend a discussion via VoIP apps.

The VoIP services can serve you more benefits than you would think of. So, if you haven’t yet thought about replacing your traditional phone lines, make the decision today. Net Activity is in the business of providing VoIP services to transform communications and improve business productivity. They have successfully helped many of their clients increase profits by reducing on their phone bills and easing communication methods. To avail their VoIP services, visit Net Activity or call Harry Bhatia at 2165035150 X 206.