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Don’t Overlook This – Tips to Secure Your Cloud Data

Cloud-based security is here to stay. Be it Google Drive and Dropbox are some
of the most comfortable and convenient data repositories for saving your data
online, allowing you easy access at any place or time where internet is
available. Although the convenience seems tempting, one must look into the
security concerns while moving personal and confidential data over the cloud


Rule No. 1: Backup Data Locally
It is a good practice to create electronic copies of your data so that you
will be able to access it wherever you are without losing the original data.
It also helps in case you lose the original data or it is corrupted. It is as
simple as setting up an account in the cloud and remembering the credentials.
Another option is to have a manual backup of your precious data in an
external storage device, which helps you when there is no or slow internet

Rule No. 2: Avoid Storing Sensitive Information
As everyone is aware of the discrepancies of the internet privacy and the
vulnerability internet security is exposed to, it is wise to avoid your
highly confidential moving up to the cloud. Mainly, it is advisable to avoid
putting up documents containing passwords for any of your accounts. This way
you can stay confident about keeping the files that you need to access

Rule No. 3: Use Cloud Services that Encrypt Your Data
Look for cloud service providers that safeguard your privacy by offering
local encryption for your data, which provides an additional layer of
security. This method will also protect your data against the service
providers and administrators. It would be even better if the cloud service
also guarantees encryption during the uploading and downloading phases. The
additional step of encrypting and decrypting your data may take a little
while longer to sync and access your files, but it is worth it.

Rule No. 4: Encrypt Data Before Moving it to the Cloud
Encrypting data here means you would be able to apply passwords and generate
secret key sequences to your files before you upload them to the cloud
server. If your provider does not use data encryption, you can prefer to use
a cloud protection app, which will solve your purpose.

Rule No. 5: Apply Two-Step Verification
As the first line of protection, you can maintain a strong password (as
suggested by the internet) for all your online accounts. Also, instead of
relying on a strong password created by you years ago, try to change them
frequently and not repeat it across the many online accounts on your name.

Your data is really precious and you cannot afford to allow it to be leaked.
While moving to the cloud, it is necessary to follow the above tips so that
your data remains safe. You also need to hire the services of a cloud service
provider who has a relevant experience and good customer reviews. Net
Activity, Inc. can be of great help as they have been in this business since
2002. They are a team of professionals who are proficient, trained,
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How to Transform Your IT Infrastructure with Hybrid IT Solutions – Explained by Net Activity, Inc.

Hybrid IT Infrastructure is the reality of today. With a lot of options available for anything and everything, it has become a necessity to introduce a better alternative for the cloud environment and here it is – The Hybrid IT Infrastructure. Also, multiple legacy operating software, hardware and customized applications calls for a solution that could include the benefits of both – the public & private clouds.

Net Activity, Inc. states that Hybrid IT is transforming the IT infrastructure & the role of IT itself. Analysts suggest that Hybrid IT relies on sophisticated approaches to data classification and identity, new technologies to connect clouds, and service-oriented architecture. Thus, heralds a significant change for IT practitioners. Many organizations are testing the cloud architectures for churning out new possibilities that would bring in a system which would be more cost-effective and performance-driven.

What is Hybrid IT?

Hybrid IT is a combination of the internal (private clouds) and public clouds, in support of a business outcome. The hybrid system increases the exponential rate of the radical evolution of the IT infrastructure.

How does it affect IT infrastructure?

It aims at arranging a structure wherein the positives of both – internal & external (i.e. private and public clouds) can be merged to get a structure featuring the merits of both. This partial contribution of public & private cloud infrastructures brings an culmination of both and allows IT organizations to offer internal customers the speed, capacity, price of the external cloud while maintaining security and reducing IT service costs.

Hybrid IT is the new IT and it has the ability to build internal clouds to house critical IT services. It also utilizes the external cloud to house non-critical IT services & data in order to increase agility.

How can Net Activity, Inc. help?

Net Activity, Inc. is a leading player in the cloud infrastructure services. In times when economic pressures are dominating the business capabilities, the Hybrid IT can be an optimum solution. The Net Activity team introduces the cloud service (public, private & hybrid) and provides you viable options to secure your data while experiencing a dynamic technological shift. You are free to select a cloud service that fits to your specific requirements. Please visit http://www.netactivity.us/cloud-computing-services.html to know more about our services or call Harry Bhatia at 2165035150 X 206.

Source: http://www.netactivity.us/blog/how-to-transform-your-it-infrastructure-with-hybrid-it-solutions-explained-by-net-activity-inc/

Is Cloud Gearing Up the Digitalization Speed?

Businesses today are using Cloud and are taking advantage of the opportunities it offers. Moreover, digitization has its own terminologies. It is said to be driving businesses.

The major question is – Are cloud and digitalization inter-connected? Do they influence each other? If the answer is yes, how does cloud computing affect a digital-driven business environment? Ultimately, cloud offers the foundation upon which large data analytics and other apps can function. However, it is not possible without digitalization. It is not possible for cloud to transform a company into digital mode automatically. Rather, moving to the cloud may be an important step towards becoming a digitalized business. Digitalization is a gradual process and cloud computing is all set to gear up the speed.

Businesses are struggling to build up a cloud environment for themselves that is more flexible and cost-effective – Businesses are the customers and providers of cloud services, thereby making the market more complex.

Businesses are looking forward to a collaboration of the digital space (IT strategy) and the cloud space (business strategy) which would lead to an optimal mix and provide a more favorable ground for growing as a digitalized business. For leading you through the journey towards digitalization, there are experts known as the IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who know how to move to the cloud. Net Activity, inc. provides robust cloud computing, managed support and services. It is uniquely positioned as the leaders in cloud infrastructure services network.  If you have to understand how you can ease your cloud computing methods and move swiftly towards digitalization, contact Harry Bhatia at 2165035150 X 206. You can also visit our website: http://www.netactivity.us/cloud-computing-services.html

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