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5 Aspects to Consider When Selecting Your Cloud Storage

There are a wide variety of choices when it comes to deciding on cloud storage for your business which leads to confusing the business owners. Every business has a different set of requirements and thus considering both the technical as well as non-technical aspects while making the selection is essential.

Below are some points to consider while selecting your cloud storage:COST CONSIDERATIONS

The main reason for shift to cloud storage solutions is decreasing operating costs while securing company data. Cloud storage providers offer solutions at very competitive prices. However, you need to be analytical about the overall value the providers have to offer you at the quoted price. Factors that influence the price of cloud storage is storage space in the cloud, the sites/ other applications, and number of servers in the cloud. Here, you need to understand a fact that a low priced cloud service provider may not necessarily provide you more value for your money. You must consider the complete data lifecycle.


The cloud has struggled a lot to prove its security as businessmen still do not completely trust this third party storage service. Due to the past stories of big companies being prey to data breaches, businessmen are not enthusiastic about relying on any third party to maintain their data. So, cloud service providers are working on innovating new, improved security measures including firewalls, data encryption, routine security audits, and anti-virus software. Once you are sure about the vendors’ security undertakings, you can figure out which plan suits your specific requirements.


Storing data on the cloud is very much like storing it on a physical location. You need to understand from the cloud service provider where your data will be located on the cloud. Suppose your data is located in another country, it may be affected by that country’s laws and the data can be accessed and controlled as per those laws. Also, another important factor to be considered is whether the data storage location is prone to natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, or tornadoes.


Cloud solutions offered by different cloud service providers consist of a variety of features like content management, in-cloud snapshots, in-cloud disaster recovery, file level access, etc. You must be known about what features your cloud solution provider has to offer you.


A breakdown can happen anytime or at any hour. While choosing a vendor, you need to question about their availability, who to contact in a situation of crisis, or how much time it would require to resolve an issue.

Apart from the above listed considerations, analyzing your business and a discussion with technology experts would give you some other major points to be thought upon while choosing the services of a cloud service vendor.

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Why Businesses are Moving their Severs to the Cloud

Virtualization has impacted businesses a lot and cloud servers are changing the data storage aspects. With the emergence of cloud servers, there is no upgrading of hard drives, no external storage devices, and no emptying the recycle bin. Cloud servers have been a wise investment for start-ups as well as established corporations to manage and secure their data. In this process, an operating system is separated from the hardware without impacting either in any way. Cloud servers use virtualization to allow users to install their operating systems on a generic layer overlaying the hardware. They are software independent units and do not require centrally installed software.

  cloud server

When cloud technology was a novice concept, it took several days for commissioning a server and involved outsourcing the process to a third-party vendor by a server rental agreement or purchasing hardware. A cloud server eases the whole thing and uses ‘redundant hardware’ which is already installed and tested by the vendor. This reduces the provisioning time to merely a few minutes.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of cloud servers:

  • Cloud servers offer a more economical solution than the standard dedicated servers. For the same price, cloud provides more resources and flexibility.
  • Your data is safer in the cloud environment as a software problem is isolated to and from your cloud environment. Your resources are dedicated and thus stability is guaranteed.
  • They are safe, fast, and secure. Cloud servers provide the best stability/cost ratio performance and they do not suffer from the usual hardware problems.
  • Cloud provides scalability – easily and reliably. It is more affordable too.

The list is endless. However, one thing is for sure that the cloud server can benefit IT managers largely who need to administer and manage multiple locations and devices. Here, cloud helps them reduce the cost of ownership of their network and find an efficient way to manage the networks and devices/applications.

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Source: http://www.netactivity.us/blog/why-businesses-are-moving-their-severs-to-the-cloud/

4 major advantages of using Cloud computing services

Cloud computing is common term which involves hosted services on the web. These facilities are broadly classified into 3 main categories which include: Platform-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service & Software-as-a-Service. The term “cloud computing” was derived by the symbol of “cloud” which often represents diagrams and internet flowcharts.

Cloud Services have 3 major characteristics which distinguish it from conventional hosting. This is in demand, typically by hours and minutes; which makes the service elastic. Users can have more or less benefit of the service as per need, any given moment of time since the feature is controlled by the service provider (users only require a computer with internet access). Noteworthy innovations in distributed computing and virtualization has improved access for high bandwidth internet at feeble price which has lead interests of people and companies in cloud service.

It can be public or private service. As the name suggests, public cloud will sell service across the internet, whereas the Private cloud known as the data center or proprietary network supplies hosted facilities to few people. When public cloud entities are used to establish the private cloud, then result is called virtual private cloud. Public or private, the goal of computing is to offer scalable and flexible access to IT services and computing resources.

Further, cloud services provide reasonable benefits in regards to traditional approach for running in house software service or offering advanced technology infrastructure. The pros must always be balanced with challenges of cloud computing service for deciding whether in-house or cloud offers the viable solution for all.

Below mentioned summarizes the advantageous features of cloud:


Companies often require more bandwidth than standard; such instant demands can be met by cloud service due to vast network of service with remote servers. This flexibility plays vital role to meet ever increasing and quick demands of business, mentioned by 65% respondents from information week survey.

Disaster retrieval

When corporations start trusting on virtual cloud services, then no longer complex disaster plans are important. Cloud computing service takes care of major issues at fast rate than local hosting providers. It came to finding by Aberdeen Group that cloud service solves the concern in 2.1 hours which is approximately 4 times fast than other businesses which didn’t use the cloud (it takes them average-8hours). Mid-sized business sees best recovery time compared to large corporations.

Work safe & remote

Till employees have web access, working from remote zones becomes convenient. Such flexibility is crucial that affects work-life, knowledge workers, productivity and balance. A study statistics with 42% working adults indicated that they will give some portion of the salary if complete telecommunication is provided with average 6% pay cut.

Increased collaboration

Cloud Services have improved association by permitting all workers to connect up to work on shared apps and documents simultaneously, following records and colleagues for receiving real time acute updates. Frost & Sullivan conducted a survey with findings that investment on technology collaboration has more than 400%   ROI (return on investment).

Source : – http://netactivity.blog.com/