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3 Easy Techniques for Migrating to Managed IT Services

All the roads lead to managed IT services. Yes, whether you agree or not, whatever is the size of your business, hiring IT support services is the final destination. The benefits of outsourcing your network management services are widely known. Resellers, traditional solution providers, integrators, and product oriented solution providers – all have been migrating to the managed services model from at least a decade. The reasons for moving over are clear – higher growth rate, cost efficiency, proactive solutions, 24×7 assistance, and many more. Research and Markets predicts that the global managed services market will grow at a 12.4 percent clip through 2018. Managed services, especially the managed security services offer a great potential to generate higher margins.  managed-it-service

A planned and thoughtful approach can help your migration to hiring an MSP. Here is a glimpse of what can ease the process:

Conducting a Gap Analysis: Performing a gap analysis can help you with a roadmap to reach to the managed services space. It will help you understand whether you need to retain personnel or hire new sales and technical employees. At this stage, companies can decide whether to manage its own infrastructure or hire the services of a third-party hosting or cloud service provider.

Revising Business Approaches: This is undoubtedly a great transition and businesses will need to develop service level agreements (SLAs) and manage them. Companies will require new way of delivering services and measuring results.

Automating Service Deliveries: MSPs perform many customer support duties remotely instead of dispatching technicians for on-site support. For making this efficiency a reality, MSPs need to automate deliveries. As a client, you should check to see whether your MSP provides automatic service deliveries.

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Learn 5 Ways How VoIP Drives Collaboration

With Unified Communications, collaboration has become an open-ended thing. It represents a different set of needs, involving multiple parties, along with a diverse set of applications so that everyone can work together. While collaboration is comparatively a difficult concept for decision makers to figure out vendor offerings, VoIP is significantly easier to work with. The following information will help you to understand how VoIP plays an important role in driving the collaboration value proposition:  voip-phone-services-cleveland

VoIP is The Voice:
Although self-evident, business VoIP phone services represent a step further than just telephony. VoIP facilitates other forms of vocal communication too, making a wider group of employees comfortable.

VoIP is Real Time Communication:
Speed and efficiency is real time today. Especially for the short turnaround collaboration needs, you need to have real-time access. Here, there is no better tool of choice than VoIP.

VoIP is Nomadic:
VoIP is web based and characterizes flexibility as other collaboration applications. With VoIP, users can access both the company phone system and multiple modes of voice from any broadband connection. Thus, with its versatile nature, VoIP is an ideal tool for collaboration in today’s distributed workforces.

VoIP is Free (Near to free):
Nothing encourages adoption of technology more than making it free. While there are certain costs associated with using VoIP in the conventional manner (as part of your phone system), there are web-based VoIP applications that provide voice at little or no cost. This increases and eases the willingness of employees to collaborate outside of work.

VoIP is Easy Integration:
As telephony has moved into the data network, it can support more applications in the IP environment, making the collaboration experiences better. This definitely will increase adoption of VoIP technology.

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Know Your IT Help Desk Better

IT help-desks represent the busiest and most important of the business operations as they are in direct communication with the customers. They are responsible for making a business competitive and efficient. ITSS (IT support services) have expanded in a major way as companies expand their operations, ways of handling hardware and software issues, troubleshooting networks, and accomplishing other complex tasks. With a fully functional department, offering well managed IT services organizations are taking it as a challenge to present a distinguished customer service to its customers.   managed-it-service

Let’s understand the segregated tasks of the IT helps-desks:

Level 1: support helps to filter calls and provide prompt troubleshooting. The resources at this basic level deal with password resets, PC configurations, etc.

Level 2: caters to issues that include laptop or user device support. Here, resources resolve customer queries by troubleshooting on one hand and hardware installations as well as in-house repairs on the other.

Level 3: support goes even higher to aspects such as server repairs, database administration, data centers, etc.

Level 4: concerns with people outside your organization. This is typically an external part of the IT support services and includes hardware and software vendors.

An evolved help desk should have these properties to ensure productivity and achieve an adequate return on investments.

Well groomed face of the organization should be a prerequisite: Apart from the technical competencies, the IT service providers need to be backed by soft skills as their responsibility is to display a well-groomed face of the organization to the consumers.
Proactive participation: This is another key feature that adds up to the skill sets of a matured ITSS system. It helps companies anticipate issues and solve them with minimum downtime.

Flexibility and adaptability: This 4-level structure may not be applicable to all the organizations. The help desk must retain a flexible style of working to respond to any kind of problem that comes up abruptly.

Help desk analytics: An analysis of the performance, issues, challenges, and achievements of the help-desk would map out a better road to a problem free and planned growth.

Teamwork rewards: An effective Help Desk demands teamwork. While it requires personnel of various technical levels, it is important that they gel as a team.

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