7 Crazy Uses of VoIP You Never Thought About

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has set its roots in the business world and is growing rapidly. When introduced, VoIP’s benefits were well documented: financial savings for businesses, cheap and easy communication with businesses round the globe, quick file transfers, convenient expansion of networks, and many more. Despite these functionalities, VoIP allows users to do some crazy stuff too. We have listed a few of them, which you would have missed otherwise.unified2

Record podcasts: This is interesting. You can record interviews for podcasts with your VoIP software by combining free, open source audio software like Audacity with the VoIP software. Simply select ‘stereo mix’ as your recording device and allow it to record your contact’s voice. Then, connect your mic and select it as a second recording device. Finally, just merge the two audios together.

Stay in touch with gamers globally: VoIP allows gamers all around the globe to connect with each other while playing team based games such as World of Wildcraft. One of the most popular, effective and lightweight VoIP services – ‘Mumble’ is ideal for gaming buddies using different operating systems.

Speak on your handset using Skype number: VoIP benefits you by allowing you pick your handset and speak to your beloved ones with your Skype account. You can also check your call history on the television or receive your voice mails when the computer is offline and send texts from your TV.

Book VoIP reminders: Schedule or remember when your next task is due. This functionality is widely used to ensure that you don’t miss important video meetings.

Keep records of client conversations: The VoIP calls are recorded more easily than the traditional calls, so that you can revisit the clauses discussed over the phone to avoid discrepancies.

Listen to the radio: Skype, one of the most popular VoIP platforms has a great add-on that allows you to listen to the popular streaming radio service Last.FM via the service. The app fuses Last.FM and Skype together, making it convenient to share the song you are listening to as a message on Skype. It helps keep interactions light with remote colleagues.

Hold a gigantic video conference/webinar free: While some services (like Google Hangouts) allow a limited number of participants (say 10) to attend a video call, some better alternatives are offering to fill in the gap. Now, it is possible for nearly 200 people to attend a discussion via VoIP apps.

The VoIP services can serve you more benefits than you would think of. So, if you haven’t yet thought about replacing your traditional phone lines, make the decision today. Net Activity is in the business of providing VoIP services to transform communications and improve business productivity. They have successfully helped many of their clients increase profits by reducing on their phone bills and easing communication methods. To avail their VoIP services, visit Net Activity or call Harry Bhatia at 2165035150 X 206.



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