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Know the Difference Between Cloud Scalability and Elasticity

Among the various notions about cloud computing, the most disputed one expert are discussing on is – “What matters in Cloud Computing: scalability or elasticity?” Often, both the terms are interchangeably used which leads to all that confusion. Interestingly, there is a thin but important line of difference in the two features.

To simply state, scalability defines the ability of software or hardware to continue functioning at a high level of performance with the increasing workflow volume. Scalable applications are also capable of taking the fullest advantage of the resources that its new environment offers.

On the other hand, elasticity is aimed at companies developing business or customer-facing software application that they plan to sell on a monthly/yearly subscription basis. So, there is room for unpredictable changes without having a massive impact on the pricing.

Having defined both, we now understand that scalability is a specific and gradual concept than elasticity and is controlled by you. Apart from all the differences between scalability and elasticity, there is one thing in common between them – adaptability. Ideally, a cloud solution that is both scalable and elastic is an adaptable situation. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t have the option to select either of the features. To be very specific here, cloud elasticity is a better alternative for e-commerce businesses, mobile & web development, other software companies and SaaS, while scalability is the solution for those who want to put some or their entire business infrastructure on the cloud like call centers, law firms, car dealers, etc..

When you talk about securing your data on the cloud, it calls for another battle between choosing a private cloud or a public cloud. The public cloud relates more to elasticity and scalability goes well with the private cloud. Determining whether a company needs to decide on a scalable or elastic cloud solution first requires an analysis of the company’s needs. However, unfortunately many customers’ views are muddied by some providers who market the more expensive (at times unnecessary) elastic cloud option irrespective of the size and kind of businesses.

The bottom line is that when it comes to making a better choice, business owners need to remember that it’s scalability that is more important for success with the private cloud. No doubt, elasticity is a rational concept but it works for giant businesses who claim to handle the entire planet (or at least half of it). If you are still unable to make your decision, you can talk to our experts at 216 503 5150 X 206 or email your query to We’ll be happy to provide you the solution.